Terminal Services

Visitors Information
The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, through the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation operates a Visitors Information Centre (VIC) in the Terminal Building at the Deer Lake Regional Airport on a year-round basis.  Well trained travel counselors are available to assist visitors and provide information on the province’s attractions, products and services, as well as festivals and events.  For more details regarding Tourist information you may visit the Provincial Tourism website at www.newfoundlandlabrador.com.
Baggage Claim
Arriving passengers who have lost baggage upon arrival should proceed to the airline ticket (check-in) counter to report missing baggage.  You may also contact your airline by phone or by the appropriate website under the Airlines-Passenger page.
Lost and Found
The lost and found department is managed by the Airport Security Personnel and is located on the main floor in the terminal building.  This area is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Items recovered by the Security Personnel are delivered to the administration office on the second floor and are held for a minimum of 120 days.  If possible, every attempt will be made to return any items recovered within airport property to the respective owners.  You may contact the Security Personnel at (709) 635-5543 to inquire about lost and found items.
In the event of an emergency, passengers or members of the traveling public may be paged by way of the public address system within the Air Terminal Building.  Should you need to deliver an important message to a traveler you may contact Airport Security at (709)635-5543 at any time to have an individual paged within the Air Terminal Building.
First Aid
Airport Security are qualified and trained to administer first aid on a 24 hour basis.  The airport also has a defibrillator on site and qualified personnel are available to respond in the event of an emergency.
The Air Terminal Building is equipped with several pay telephones and wheelchair accessible pay telephones, in both the arrivals and departure areas.
Travellers may connect free of charge to the Internet through Aliant’s high-speed wireless internet wi-fi access zone. “Wi-fi”, short for Wireless Fidelity, is a wireless technology used to connect to the internet or transmit data at high speed over wireless local area networks.  This service is available to travellers in designated areas of the Air Terminal Building.
Postal Services
A Canada Post mail box is located on the main concourse adjacent to the pay telephones and ATM. Mail is collected at 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.
Rental Cars
Five car rental agencies are located near the arrivals gate in the main concourse.  For further information refer to the Car Rentals page.
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