Corporate Philosophy

The Deer Lake Regional Airport is an integral part of the future economic growth of the Town of Deer Lake and the City of Corner Brook, both in terms of direct contribution as well as supporting industries that rely on air transport such as tourism.

In order to maximize the benefit of the Deer Lake Regional Airport to the surrounding communities of Western Newfoundland, The DLRAAI operates and manages Deer Lake Regional Airport based on a defined set of corporate goals.

Maintain Highest Level of Passenger Service

Regardless of any economic goals and objectives, passenger safety and security remains the highest priority of DLRAAI.  All future programs, development and activities are driven by the requirement to maintain this objective.

Protect the Environment

The DLRAAI will act in a responsible manner to ensure that
airport operations do not have an adverse impact on the
surrounding environment, and Authority policies and
procedures reflect all local, provincial and federal
regulations and requirements.

Operate as a Good Community Citizen and Encourage Partnerships Wherever Possible

The DLRAAI will consult extensively with its customers and the community including business, tourism, transportation and government agencies in order to develop the best strategic directions to maximize the airport’s contribution to the economy.

Provide Value and Service Excellence

The DLRAAI will ensure that airport facilities and services
match to the extent possible, the needs of all users and the
traveling public, and the facilities and services are
provided in a cost effective manner.  The DLRAAI will work
with all users to ensure that all staff have the appropriate
level of training to provide the traveling public a memorable
experience at Deer Lake Airport.

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